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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Peoria AZ

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Peoria AZ

All garage doors have springs and it is these springs that do the hard work of lifting and lowering your garage door. Most garage doors have two springs though there are a few that have only one. In very rare cases three or even four springs are used and that too, when they are extra heavy. When a spring breaks, it can really have drastic affects.

It causes your garage door to get stuck and you not being able to either raise or lower your garage door. When your spring is broken, it will obstruct your motor from lifting more than a couple of inches. This is an advantage because it will alert you of some problem with your garage door. If your motor is still able to lift in spite of the broken spring, it means both your door and motor are put to extreme pressure that usual which can cause serious damage to the garage door and/r the motor.

Broken springs are one the often heard problems related to garage doors. Due to the frequent use of your garage door, it is only natural that with time it develops some kind of wear and tear and finally breaks off. Though many parts suffer from wear and tear due to frequent use, it is only the springs that will positively give way or beak off while your garage door is in its service life. All springs are developed for a certain cycle of life – a cycle being one opening and closing of your garage door. The normal cycle life of an average spring is about 10,000. So the life of your spring will obviously depend on how many times you use your garage door!

Our technicians at Peoria Garage Door Repair Broken Spring have years of experience handling and successfully solving all kinds of broken springs issues. With so much of experience and exposure under their belt, they can address any kind of complex and difficult springs issue with confidence and ease. We are fully conscious that repairing broken springs can be a tricky proposition, that is why we depute only our most qualified and trained team to look into the spring issue since we are sure that they can solve the problem within a short span of time and in a manner that is most economical for our customers.

Peoria Garage Door Repair Broken Spring is well known for our turnaround time which is the best in the industry, and with us on the job, you can be assured that your spring issue – whether it is a broken spring, or installing of a new one or even replacing a part – will be solved at the earliest and at the most affordable rates that you will get in the whole of Peoria!